Top 5 Makeup Tutorials That Made Us LOL In 2015

Last year was 2015 so, of course, we have seen it all. From how to don those fleek eyebrow tutorials to strategic contouring and strobing. If in case you think you've seen anything and everything makeup-wise, you're wrong.

We spend hours -- days, even; learning how to perfect that "easy" smokey eye tutorial from various Youtube channels. Not to mention those times we spent watching how to tweeze properly, to fill in correctly and to don an on point eyebrows. You know how intense eyebrow gaming is.

If you feel as if you've mastered the art of wing eyeliner, eyebrow gaming, beach hair curls, etc.; and you suddenly ran out of tutorials to watch, get on the board and try watching tutorials that had gone wrong. Or, you could also find a laugh at these beauty tutorials that had us cracking in 2015.

Makeup tutorial by Ariana Grande

Remember that one time in 2012, Ariana Grande made a makeup tutorial video and our love for this adorable diva just went up top? Yes, that video was a hit last year so we included this one.

She's no expert in makeup which you can clearly notice within the first minute. She giggled when she said she uses her hands to put on her foundation. "That's never right," she added. Oh, Ariana, you still won our hearts nonetheless!

Feminist makeup tutorial by Youtube user tadelesmith

There's no denying that 2015 was the year wherein feminists were given more attention than ever before. With the various social media platforms, feminists are able to voice out their concerns in various ways to raise different issue and general awareness.

This video is obviously a parody on today's stereotypes of feminists. It is stated there that the video is not to be taken seriously. Here's one of the most feminist lines taken from the video:

"Whenever you're applying your eyeshadow, think of it like the glass ceiling: the thinner, the better. That way, you'll be able to shatter it more easily when the time comes for women to assume their rightful position as the dominant gender of the human race."

As per the uploader, it's a parody so enjoy every minute of it!

Honest Everyday Makeup Tutorial by Youtube user, comedian, actress, Akilah

The comedian has been receiving requests by her followers to do a makeup tutorial so she delivered them what they asked for but with a twist. This is one hilarious makeup tutorial that is straight to the point -- no sugar coatings and whatnots. After all, she's been making herself attractive for a long time so might as well call her a "beauty guru".

Yeah, she just spoke out what you're thinking watching all the generic makeup tutorials you've seen on Youtube, haven't she? If you didn't think it's the most realest makeup tutorial, feel free to share with us your bet.

Finals makeup tutorial by Youtube user tadelesmith

From the same video channel that brought you the Feminist makeup tutorial, she did it again with this out of the ordinary makeup tutorial that basically distracts you from studying for your finals.

How's your essay going? We bet you're watching this video instead of studying for your exams. Now that you have finally taken a quick time off from all the responsibilities, get back to work!

How to Contour by Bretman Rock

This contouring video tutorial is unlike those you've seen. It is definitely different yet still shows the results you're looking for. The contouring is on point despite the peculiar way of demonstrating it. All the cussing and vulgarity makes the tutorial hysterically funny.

If you didn't have a good laugh at that one, you're lacking great humor. Now, is your contour and highlight digging Kanye or Kim Kardashian? Better pay attention to that!

Got more hilarious and out of the ordinary makeup tutorials to share? Don't forget to comment below and share it with us!

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