Top 5 Makeup Tutorials That Made Us LOL In 2015

Last year was 2015 so, of course, we have seen it all. From how to don those fleek eyebrow tutorials to strategic contouring and strobing. If in case you think you've seen anything and everything makeup-wise, you're wrong.

We spend hours -- days, even; learning how to perfect that "easy" smokey eye tutorial from various Youtube channels. Not to mention those times we spent watching how to tweeze properly, to fill in correctly and to don an on point eyebrows. You know how intense eyebrow gaming is.

If you feel as if you've mastered the art of wing eyeliner, eyebrow gaming, beach hair curls, etc.; and you suddenly ran out of tutorials to watch, get on the board and try watching tutorials that had gone wrong. Or, you could also find a laugh at these beauty tutorials that had us cracking in 2015.

Boost Your Concentration: Small Office Productivity Tips

Surely when you were younger you would spend most of your time daydreaming of working in a really big company and soon have your own office. That was part of your #goals. How did that work out for you today?

Sometimes, we don't always get what we wanted and plans don't fall into place right ahead. If you ever find yourself working for a small company, don't fret for it could be one of the best decisions you've made in your life. Also, at least you have a job so it's really nothing to worry about.

6 Reasons Why Office Structure Matters

We sometimes don't see and realize it but our surroundings greatly influence our daily routines. Best demonstration of this would be in a workplace. Design and structure are vital when it comes to envisioning your office space.

If this isn't in your priority list, you're running your workplace backwards. Think of it as your second home. Would you require you're second home to have a drab windowless unit with a downer atmosphere and poor design? Obviously not. Yet, many companies still fail to see the importance of this aspect. To put it simply, design matters and it reflects your business' workflow.

Ready For A Standing Workstation? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Standing desks has been dominating the corporate world for quite some time now due to the hype. And more and more people are trying out the practice either to give a verdict on whether or not it is ideally and health-wise better than a sitting desk or not.

"What exactly is a standing desk?" If you think there's more to it than how it ridiculously sounds, it's just literally what it is. A desk used for writing and working and wherein assembled varying your comfortability as you stand in good posture. Instead of sitting down, you get a standing desk while you work.

For those of you who works 8 hours per week, or more well-know as, a 9-to-5 work hour, you must know the health risks and physical inactivity of having to sit for hours for the rest of day.

6 Best Eyeshadow And Lipstick Combos That'll Never Go Out Of Style

Ever get that feeling when you're totally feeling your overall outfit and meanwhile, getting stucked on which lipstick and eyeshadow to pair that would go along altogether with your celebrity-stylist-approved style?

You worry that your makeup may be too dramatic for your look, a little bit over-the-top or simply mismatched. With all your eyeshadow palettes and collection of lipsticks, no wonder you'll have a hard time deciding which eyeshadow would look great when paired it with a coral lipstick shade.

Understand that you can't go full bold on these two areas for it may only seem overpowering. The solution for this dilemma would be knowing how to combine colors on both your lids and lips that would make your look seem effortlessly pulled together and bring elegance in effect.

Brown Eyes + Rose Lips

This perfect combination blends the neutral colors which results to a soft look. A rose lipstick or lip stain will have you embracing a natural-like lip color. Pair it with an apricot eyeshadow with a pinch of shimmer like Emma Stone here and look flawless.

8 Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas You Can Do To Personalize Your Space

Living in a rental has its perks and downsides. You can find a cheap apartment that can be flexible and fundamentally convenient for you, if you're that lucky enough. While for others, they're stuck with a not-so-dreamy apartment (but affordable nonetheless) that has too many restrictions with regards to decorating and designing the space.

As much as you want to bring personality and gloriousness into your walls, corners and every nice and space you have, your rental agreement with the landlord may remind you to think twice over your DIY project and home makeover. Rentals most of the time, provide physical limitations when it comes to laying hands on the walls and space of the apartment. And that's just a huge bummer on your part, isn't it?

7 Budget-Friendly Living Room Transformation Ideas

Our living room is the multipurpose area of our home. It is the specific part of our house wherein we entertain ourselves and our guests, relax during night time, unwind during weekends, spend quality time with our families, watch TV, eat snacks and other numerous activities daily.

However, sometimes when things are the same it sickens us eventually. Like how we add and spruce up our wardrobes, we yearn for change and diversity on our surroundings; we want to see and feel different yet still at ease when we're at home. To be different you have to bend (or break) some rules.

Many think transforming a home and making big changes will damage our pockets. Before you go straight to the home department store, here are easy and budget-friendly tweaks to update your living room.