Boost Your Concentration: Small Office Productivity Tips

Surely when you were younger you would spend most of your time daydreaming of working in a really big company and soon have your own office. That was part of your #goals. How did that work out for you today?

Sometimes, we don't always get what we wanted and plans don't fall into place right ahead. If you ever find yourself working for a small company, don't fret for it could be one of the best decisions you've made in your life. Also, at least you have a job so it's really nothing to worry about.

What are your struggles in working 8 hours in a small office? A few circumstances could be: lack of privacy, tiny space to walk in, a few people to connect with, technology as a distraction, frequently dull times and so on. Some of these doesn't only occur in small workspaces.

Let's talk about your productivity status. Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone or opening a new tab in your browser? Besides that, smaller corporations have the ability to imply quick changes and decisions seamlessly.

Working in a small office can eat up your energy, bore you and distract you. Don't let hindrances and certain boundaries affect and ruin your productivity. Here are ways you can enjoy and be more efficient at work.

Use the tools you're most comfortable with: Sometimes, you're not provided with the best tools and offered with the things you need. If you're in that certain situation, either you can be flexible or go forth and find ways to use the methods you're most comfortable with.

If you're way of handling tasks involves listing them in your to-do list first, ranking the most urgent and important at the top, and jotting down your ideas first then, try using to-do/note applications. You can try Evernote and see how it goes from there. There are a lot of application and softwares you can use to boost your productivity to: finish tasks easier and faster, make collaborations seamless, keep your desk and computer clean and tidy, and get everything done as soon as you can.

Manage your time wisely: Time management is key to getting all of your piled-up tasks done. There will be days where you will have dozens to finish off and days where it's lighter than most.

Since you work in a small office. Most likely you'll only get to be in a room with more or less than 10 people: no private desks, an open-space structure and very limited small space. There will be times you'll catch yourself staring at a blank wall to rest your eyes from staring too long in your computer, that's okay.

To improve your time management skills, get things done faster and become more efficient, you might want to try the "pomodoro technique."

Basically, the concept of the method is to work 25-minutes straight in a single task (to focus all your attention in that particular work) and then take a 5-minute break to reset and re-energize your brain so you don't get stuck. Putting yourself in too much stress won't help you work efficiently so try this technique and see if it works for you.

Organize your space: Regardless of how small your space is, you need to set it up in a way that's pleasing to your sight. Why? Because a nice-looking desk is a good view in comparison with a messy desk.

Also, don't be embarrassed to pull out your cute little sticky notes, 12-set colorful pens and fresh little plant. Even if it's a small office, you still have your own small space which means you're free to put everything you want and organize it however you please. Just be mindful of other people's spaces. By doing this also affects how well you organize your tasks. It's a domino effect so the key is: be organized.

Whenever you're stuck, take a walk: You'll be caught up at times and you'll just realize you have been staring at your computer doing nothing; you're completely still and stuck in the moment.

Whenever you get yourself in this situation, get up and go out! Take a break. If you need 5-10 minutes break every hour, do so. If you need a break, go. Isolation can be difficult to fight and the solution is to surround yourself with a different environment. Rest your eyes away from the computer and take a walk outside. Even if the streets are busy and the hallways are dull, at least your eyes get to see a different sight.

Know what productivity hacks and methods work for you and stick with it. If you have a daily routine, follow it. If you seem to improve your work by taking 20-minute break every 2 hours, do it. We all have our own productivity boosters, the key is to find it and stick with it.

Do you have any more practices that helps you keep focused when you work at home? Share it with us!

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