6 Reasons Why Office Structure Matters

We sometimes don't see and realize it but our surroundings greatly influence our daily routines. Best demonstration of this would be in a workplace. Design and structure are vital when it comes to envisioning your office space.

If this isn't in your priority list, you're running your workplace backwards. Think of it as your second home. Would you require you're second home to have a drab windowless unit with a downer atmosphere and poor design? Obviously not. Yet, many companies still fail to see the importance of this aspect. To put it simply, design matters and it reflects your business' workflow.

Whether you're just slowly hitting off the ground or an already established institution, you must know and inspire your employees to be creative, be culturally diverse and collaborative. One among the many ways to do so with less effort would be with regards to your office design. To further convince you into flipping your office from traditional to a more well-rounded workplace, here are the reasons why office design truly matters:

Comfort is salient: Even though we live in the digital age and get in touch most of the time through emails and other digital platforms, our team still yearn for a sense of comfort in workplaces. Letting natural light enter a working space, different work space areas your team can alternatively sit and work in, standing desk, comfortable couch and the likes, are more likely helpful in terms of increasing your team's productivity.

Office structure reflects business development or workflow: If your company is in interior design and/or architecture, it is only expected that you don a stylish and pleasing designed workplace rather than a traditional cubicle-filled office space. If your business is growing and bearing many fruits, it should reflect on your workspace.

Stimulates productivity: A well-structured office space unquestionably influences the productivity and performance of one's team. It has been proven that open offices; those without partitions, barriers and cubicles is the best environment to work in. It promotes collaboration, cooperation and flexibility among employees in which provides them more space and options in terms of working together creativity and overall performance-wise.

Fosters creativity: Leaning towards the design, technology and creative industry, continuous flow of ideas and concepts are often generated with the help of one's surroundings. A minimalist and light open floor plan is great in terms of honing your team's creativity; step away and remove the clutter for it may only distract your employees and lose their focus.

No one wants to be trapped in a box: Sunlight boosts energy, mood and the overall atmosphere in a room. So don't keep your employees from shedding a bit of natural light; not only is it a productivity booster but also good for their health as well. Also, no employee wants to be in a box. Skip the traditional individual cubicles and individual desks.

Build a community: Your employees and workmates are the ones you are with 8 hours each day five times per week. You might like to make your office a second home and build a community there where everyone feels comfortable and at home. Designate a common lounge for your team wherein anyone can rest, relax or standby there for a few good minutes. Allow your team to interact and get along with one another and not just their departments.

Take a look at today's start up businesses and the successful ones suchlike Facebook and Pinterest. Both companies embrace and practice open office space floor plan to promote collaboration and ease of communication for employees. Your employees are the ones that continuously help you in pushing your company to go further and beyond. Although it is advised to keep an ergonomic and efficient workplace, mind your employees when planning your office structure and don't forget to ask them; make it pleasing for your team as well to make them happy as much as you are.

About Chie Suarez
Chie Suarez is a writer for Ideal Office Furniture, a company specializing in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.