8 Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas You Can Do To Personalize Your Space

Living in a rental has its perks and downsides. You can find a cheap apartment that can be flexible and fundamentally convenient for you, if you're that lucky enough. While for others, they're stuck with a not-so-dreamy apartment (but affordable nonetheless) that has too many restrictions with regards to decorating and designing the space.

As much as you want to bring personality and gloriousness into your walls, corners and every nice and space you have, your rental agreement with the landlord may remind you to think twice over your DIY project and home makeover. Rentals most of the time, provide physical limitations when it comes to laying hands on the walls and space of the apartment. And that's just a huge bummer on your part, isn't it?

But there's always a silver lining to these type of situations. Always think of the bright side -- you can be more creative in terms of decorating given the restrictions, you think outside the box. Hence, a step or two more creative than other homeowners (yay!). Okay, too ambitious there. Now, on a more serious note. Here are fancy ways you can decorate and design your apartment without losing your deposit and leaving permanent damage!

Accessorize: Ask renters what they do to make their apartment feel more "theirs" and majority of them will likely answer by accessorizing. You may do so by adding a lamp, books, pillows, chandelier, statement furniture, a structured centerpiece, and the likes. Whichever you feel to add in your flat, accessorizing is the closest thing to acquiring your own personal space and feeling as if it's all your own -- rental or not. You have no barriers here as long as you don't damage your walls, ceilings and floors. Express your own style and rearrange them along with your furnitures every season if you wish.

Washi tape decoration: Washi tapes became a trend in scrapbooking 2 years but that does not mean you can't showcase it in your little abode. We all know washi tapes are multipurpose; you can use it for scrapbooking purposes, cover your notebook with it in different tape patterns and designs or you can decorate your walls using them. Create a geometric pattern or frame your artworks, magazine clippings and the likes using the tapes.

Art paper wall decorations: If you want to add character by using your walls but don't want to permanently damage it, you can opt to use colored papers and cut them into whichever shape or design you like. Paste them to the walls using painters tape or poster tack. The same process goes with geometric patchwork art. If you want to know more on how to make a geometric art that can be an alternative to a headboard, click here.

Bring in a ladder: Want to build your own stylish minimalistic shelves but don't have the freedom to drill holes on your walls? Why don't you try skipping the old traditional shelves and step up your style by bringing in a ladder for vertical space storage. Whether it be a leaning ladder (like the one pictured above) or a standalone one, this is great for small space living. You can upcycle your old wooden ladder or DIY a new one with more storage purpose and function, whichever you prefer.

Invest in rugs: Does your place comes with a carpet you don't find cute or good even? Well, it could be a sign that you'll be needing to invest in a head-turner rug to divert the attention and cover up the unpleasant looking carpet. If your apartment is installed with wood floors, rugs works equally great as well for toning the noise down. You may think that placing a rug over a carpet is an interior design sin, as long as your carpet is neutral in color, you are free to bend the rules a bit. Put over a colorful rug to hide your nearly ugly carpet.

Add a houseplant: Have you always wanted to have your own small garden? Not to worry and no need to sweep that desire away because you can still add plants in the comfort of your home. It may not be as big as a small home garden however, it would still work and even add some bohemian vibe in your tiny abode. You can display them in your balcony, if you don't have one, you one then there's still your window. No houseplant is too many. Aside from there, you can put it on display in your center table to add flair and urban concept style in your living room. Plants also make you feel more at home whether it be you're in a rental or not. It breaks down the thought of you not having a backyard or outdoor area.

Make your own photo mural: If you're into photography and overall creative side, you might want to consider adding a photo mural in your home especially since you can't put up wallpapers and/or repaint your walls (some rentals are strict even with repaiting). This DIY guide on how to make your own photo mural will help you with that. It's a great way to cover-up your bare, boring white walls and add character in your own living space. You can put up your own photographs, look for templates or borrow one online.

Paint your furniture: Not being able to paint your walls in colors you like is frustrating and a really great deal-breaker. But you also need to be practical about it and don't throw away a great deal just because of one single downside. Once again, try to find its silver lining -- if you can't paint your walls, have fun and paint your own furnitures instead! Bring new life to your old and traditional cabinet as well as with your thrift store goodies. Repaint and bring life to your desk, chairs, tables and the likes. A breath of fresh paint and color will definitely bring your apartment up a notch and leave it looking rather more ‘yay!' than ‘meh'.

Being a renter and having a strict landlord can be really challenging when it boils down to moving in, decorating and designing your new home. But don't let the frustration consume you instead, make the most of your options and find creative alternatives to beautify and add flair to your sweet abode. Do you have any more ideas that you can add to this list? Share them with us!

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Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.