6 Best Eyeshadow And Lipstick Combos That'll Never Go Out Of Style

Ever get that feeling when you're totally feeling your overall outfit and meanwhile, getting stucked on which lipstick and eyeshadow to pair that would go along altogether with your celebrity-stylist-approved style?

You worry that your makeup may be too dramatic for your look, a little bit over-the-top or simply mismatched. With all your eyeshadow palettes and collection of lipsticks, no wonder you'll have a hard time deciding which eyeshadow would look great when paired it with a coral lipstick shade.

Understand that you can't go full bold on these two areas for it may only seem overpowering. The solution for this dilemma would be knowing how to combine colors on both your lids and lips that would make your look seem effortlessly pulled together and bring elegance in effect.

Brown Eyes + Rose Lips

This perfect combination blends the neutral colors which results to a soft look. A rose lipstick or lip stain will have you embracing a natural-like lip color. Pair it with an apricot eyeshadow with a pinch of shimmer like Emma Stone here and look flawless.
Simply, a brown and rose color combination just brings out your natural territory. You can wear this to work or date night however if you want a more subtle look, ditch the shimmer and switch for a matte-brown eye, that should do the trick.

Orange-brown Eyes + Coral Lips

This lids and lips is a match made in heaven. It gives your eyes that warm glow at the same time your lips mouths a bold statement. This look is great for lunch dates, meetings, and dinner dates. Not only will people's attention look into your eyes but they'll read your lips as well.

Bronze Eyes + Red Lips

Noticed that this is the third brown shade for your eyes? That's because brown shade is truly timeless and never go out of style plus, you can pair it with any lip color you want. Of course, as long as it matches your look and the eye shadow shade. For this one, it is paired with a strong and bold red lipstick. The rich and vivacious hues pairing truly makes up for a glamorous entrance.

Mauve Eyes + Nude Lips

A woman can't simply have too many lipsticks -- that's a fact, no doubt. However, a woman can never simply leave their house without a nude lipstick in their bags. Isn't it right, ladies? The glamorous look works well for an everyday look; may it be your look for work, school or for regular days. The mauve shadow is just the right shade to make your eyes pop without even making any effort to smize when you come across a cute guy. Overall, it's a fiery look for your daily rendezvous.

Brown-grey Eyes + Berry Lips

On the other hand, leaning towards gray yet still with a touch of brown for your eye is the way to go for a full of vim and vigor date night look or for a night out with your friends to a party. Paint your lips with berry stain and voila! You just acquired extra points for an oozing sex appeal. If you're feeling more Rihanna for the night, the eye shade would also look equally or even more sexy when combined with a far more stronger lip shade -- plum.

Pearl Pink Eyes + Pink Lips

In a nutshell, a little inspiration from Lily Collins's look here and it's definitely one for the books. This fiery look is best donned during a girl's night out. The glossy pink lip shade most certainly illustrates your girly yet mature side and the lighter eyeshadow perfectly balances and tones down the boldness of the lips. It's a pop of juicy color nonetheless.

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