Must-Haves For The Work-At-Home Fellow

Work-at-home may not be for everyone however, it's the dream job for some. Those who work at home, whether it be full time or part time, know the amazing perks and benefits it provides them. You have your own hours, you don't have to go through the stressful commute and hefty fees that comes along with it, you don't have to deal with office drama, you can wear anything you want and work on your pajamas and you get to rub your pet's tummy while you work in the comfort of your own space.

In spite of all these advantages, working from home isn't a walk in the park. Since there are a lot of temptations having your own time in your hands, you need to get your head straight and perform your tasks -- discipline, motivation, organization and self-initiative will get you a long way.

How do you stay motivated and disciplined every single day working from your abode? Set goals and maintain focus. A well-organized and outfitted deskspace increases productivity. Aside from your laptop/desktop, smartphone, printer and other office equipment, here are your home office essentials, tips to stay organized and get into your work state mind, waste not even a minute:

Your own workspace. This is the most essential aspect a work-at-home individual needs for you home office. You have to separate your work station from your dining and living area. Designating a work space will instantaneously create a border between your home and your office -- even if it's just a small table or desk. Disconnecting your home from your workstation will improve your productivity and will help you focus on your tasks.

A thinking chair. A comfortable seating is important. You may find a structural or very artistically molded chair breath-taking but when you sit on it and it doesn't provide you ease and comfort, leave the furniture behind. If you prefer a swivel chair or a steady one, if it helps you think clearly and get that creative juices flowing, opt for it even if it's a bean bag. Hey, you're working at home anyway so go figure.

Inspiration board/wall organizers. Keep your workspace clutter-free yet can still get ahold and help you organize your overflowing ideas. How? By installing an inspiration board. This can be a cork board, white board or whichever you prefer. Pin there the clipping you got from a magazine that shall help you with your design, photo of your next destination to keep you motivated and focused on your work, your favorite quote to keep you inspired or whatever you may think. Your wall organizer may also serve as your ‘reminders' or ‘to-do' board. You'll know what works best for you. Working at home, you'll have your good and bad times so do add in some inspiration to keep you going.

Natural and artificial lighting. Have you tried working beside the window, letting the natural light in which then sets your mood and improve your productivity? If not, try it to believe it. Natural sunlight helps for the betterment of our concentration. If you have your desk positioned nowhere near the window, you might want to opt for a good lamp or lighting to illuminate your space, avoid those which only brings harsh fluorescent light. Let the soft light shed on where you need to help keep your attention on where it should be; adjust the lighting if need be.

Organizer for your pencils, pens, and other office supplies. This may be obvious however, pick organizers that are practical and space-friendly. Also, keep the most used supplies such as your notepad and pen near you so whenever you jot down something quick, you wouldn't have to scramble through your office accessories. If you want, put your office organizers in an open storage box or tray to keep them all in one place.

Storage solutions. Where do you keep your bills, mails, inbound, outbound, scratch papers and other work documents? Your paperwork and other documents will pile up and you should do something about it. These all should be kept in different storages, separate one from the other.

Calendar and/or planner. Regardless whether you rely so much on your smartphone calendar or you have an app for that, keeping a physical calendar and/or planner will help you digest all the appointments and tasks when you have it right in front of you. It will constantly remind you your pending, current and future schedule so you won't miss and forget your whole month activities.

About Chie Suarez
Chie Suarez is a writer for Ideal Office Furniture, a company specialising in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.