7 Budget-Friendly Living Room Transformation Ideas

Our living room is the multipurpose area of our home. It is the specific part of our house wherein we entertain ourselves and our guests, relax during night time, unwind during weekends, spend quality time with our families, watch TV, eat snacks and other numerous activities daily.

However, sometimes when things are the same it sickens us eventually. Like how we add and spruce up our wardrobes, we yearn for change and diversity on our surroundings; we want to see and feel different yet still at ease when we're at home. To be different you have to bend (or break) some rules.

Many think transforming a home and making big changes will damage our pockets. Before you go straight to the home department store, here are easy and budget-friendly tweaks to update your living room.

Stroll your home. When talking about home makeover, we tend to look for home decors that would improve the ambiance of our home. That shouldn't be how it is. Instead of going to the store or shopping online, shop inside your home. Maybe you might have hidden a captivating vase or element in your bedroom that could be a nice feature in your living room where people would see them. Borrow items from other parts of the house which you think would look better in the living room. Instead on buying new decor items, work with what you already have.

Add plants. What could go wrong with adding a pot of greenery to liven up your lounge area? Also, you can now make use of that empty vessel you've been putting on display for so long. If you have a garden of blossoming flowers, bring it in and let the aroma calm you. Mind you, plants also make a room appear more luxurious especially with how you display it; against the wall, at the center table or hanged? You decide.

Update your draperies. Be honest, now. How long since you last changed your curtains? Trends always shift from time to time and your curtain might just be outdated, for now at least. Trends come and go, then comes back again, if you change them, don't throw away your old ones for you can upcycle them for future use or other purpose for that matter. Make sure that when you choose your draperies, choose those which lets light enter seamlessly through the cloth and in the area to shed light in your home.

Add color. By splashing a pop of color does not necessarily mean you have to paint your walls. You could have an interesting room element which has a bold color that could add personality in your sitting area. However, if you really feel like it, painting would make a huge difference and would showcase your personality, so go ahead and grab your paintbrush. Besides, paint is not at all costly and it's actually a convenient tool to instantly transform a room. Do you want a geometric-patterned wall background that would best exhibit your one-of-a-kind furniture? Paint your windows, walls, floor however you prefer.

Rearrange the furniture. The most practical way for a room makeover with a total of zero cost would be by moving around your furniture. It can be a bit challenging but getting to know how much space you really have and the options available to you can be exciting and fulfilling the moment you start moving things around. Once you have finished rearranging, see instantly how different the area seems and how much it affected the mood setting.

DIY. Crafting yourself a decoration and putting it on display truly brings more character in a room. In addition, it is a less expensive way to decorate and you can make an item by upcycling and repurposing what you already have sitting in your home. You can make a DIY artwork you found out on Pinterest or photo display ideas, throw pillow design, vase design, and the likes of it.

Stack your books. Books are beautiful home accessory. If you have a collection of it, take it out from the shelves and stack them in a chair designated in a corner or a dead space. These adds color and fills spaces that are left unused. You can put them in the center table as an alternative if you don't have a vase or a nice centerpiece. Not to mention, this is a total budget-friendly tip or no cost at all if you already own tons of it.

Transforming a room under a tight budget truly is challenging and ultimately limits our potions. However, don't let that get in your way of having a stand out living room. Be extra creative and resourceful. Do you have any more ideas on decorating under a strict budget? Share it with us!

About Chie Suarez
Chie Suarez is a passionate writer/blogger for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie likes watching TV series and movies, is inclined to music and has a deep interest in home design and decoration.