The Charisma of White Gold Engagement Rings

Finding and purchasing the best wedding ring is a job not to accomplish carelessly - it is for a lifetime, and one must take utmost care to ensure that the perfect ring is selected. Traditional yellow gold wedding rings are widely popular, but over the last few years, white gold engagement rings have garnered popularity. For soon-to-wed couples looking for a charming and unique engagement and wedding rings in white gold has truly become the first choice.

The sparkling brilliance of elegant white gold makes it a near perfect choice for stunning engagement rings. Unlike yellow gold, which can look a bit dressy at times - white gold can be easily be dressed up and down, to fit perfectly with even the most simple and casual attires. There is another reason that has made white gold wedding rings all the more popular and that is their perfect combination with diamonds. Often, yellow gold may fail to accentuate the brilliance of a diamond, but by allowing the diamond to shine through, white gold offers a more suitable setting for diamonds in an engagement or wedding ring.

Apart from their appearance and perfect pairing with diamonds and other gemstones - there are some more practical benefits of white gold engagement rings. Though both of them are the same metal, but white gold is found to be more durable than the yellow. And, since an engagement ring is expected to be used for a very long time, it also needs to have the ability to withstand the regular wear and tear for years. White gold is also more resistant to scratches than the yellow, and certainly requires less care and upkeep.

Just like the traditional engagement rings, white gold rings are also available in several stunning designs. Therefore, it is really important that you consider your future bride’s taste and style preferences before you choose a white gold engagement ring for her. You should ensure that she will willingly accept a deviation of the traditional ring. Apart from white gold, platinum engagement rings have also become a popular choice today, but white gold is perhaps a better choice than platinum too. Though both white gold and platinum look more or less the same, but platinum is a lot more expensive metal. Subsequently, the same design and setting with platinum will cost you double than that of a white gold ring.

But cost is not the only factor that makes white gold a better choice over platinum. White gold is stronger and more durable than platinum too, and is also better at withstanding scraping and bending. Platinum jewellery is found to have a tendency of getting blunt with time and the platinum prongs that hold the gemstone in its position are equally vulnerable to breaking and displacements, as compared to jewellery made from white gold.

For many wedding and engagement designers, white gold offers the perfect backdrop and setting for diamonds and other precious stones and with a white gold engagement ring you can expect the final effect to be simply mesmerizing. In any engagement ring the center stone always receives the maximum attention, rather than the style and design of the ring. And, a white gold ring does exactly the same - to give you the perfect ring for the most important occasion of your life.

Ethen Hunt writer of this blog post regularly writes articles on engagement rings in Australia. Here he writes about white gold engagement rings and helps readers to select gold engagement rings for special occasion of life.