How to Select an Ideal Diamond Ring for Your Loved One

Valentine's Day is the time for you to gift your love with the wonderful diamond ring or you are just buying the ring for any other reason, you need to be confident that the ring you are buying is attractive and the diamonds are of right size, shape and color.

If you are in view of buying a diamond ring, you should do a few studies yourself before going to a mall or a store. This will help you in asking the right questions to the store owner and the sales men, else they will push their products on you and if the store keeper is not honest he will sell the wrong product to you. While the majority of the jewelry store owners are honest, you cannot afford to take a chance with buying such an expensive item. Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect diamond ring that fits in your budget.

Four C's
  • Carat:
Carat is the dimension that is used to define the size of the diamonds. It is clear that the larger the diamond the costlier it is. So if you are not able to buy a solitaire you can buy a ring that holds small diamonds in place in such a way that it looks like one big diamond. If you are lucky enough to find such a ring it will fit well in your budget.
  • Clarity:
The next thing about the diamond is clarity of the stone. Here again, the higher the clarity of the diamond the higher the price. If your diamonds are small the clarity of the diamonds will not make much difference, but if you are buying a solitaire with higher carats then you need to make sure that the clarity is fine.
  • Cut:
Cut is in regards to the shape and style of the diamond. No two diamonds are of same size or shape, but their style definitely has much impact on the price. Nowadays, diamonds are also been shaped into unconventional shapes so if you like unique designs, go for it.
  • Color:
Most of the diamonds are clear, but some of them have natural color to them. Colored diamonds cost more than clear diamonds because they are rare, so if you have a budget for a colored diamond then you can ask the jeweler for the same.

You do not always have to have all four C's at their best when you go to buy a ring. If you are able to find a right jeweler, he will have some beautiful designs in authentic diamond rings which fall in your budget range. You should however; ask the jeweler to produce the certificate that defines the grade of the diamond in terms of carat, cut, clarity and color. In addition to diamond selection you should also choose an appropriate precious metal. Generally gold, silver, platinum and titanium go well with the diamonds.

Diamonds really do last forever and if you want your ring to last at least for the lifetime then you need to choose a diamond ring that uses the perfect metal with it. Also the credibility of the jeweler from whom you buy the ring matters a lot. Thus in order to get the perfect diamond ring at the right price, you need to consider all the factors mentioned above and in turn your love will definitely love the ring you are about to present.

Ethen Hunt, author of this article is a creative writer and often writes on the subjects like Diamond Rings and Diamond jewelry. He recommends you to view Adelaide Jewelry Store to choose exquisite diamond rings.