6 Ingenious Ways To Utilize Dead Spaces In Your Home

We bet you've already heard the term "dead space" before. Now, what is it exactly? Well, it is/are specific parts of a house or institution that isn't being used. To put it simply, it has no purpose and completely useless.

When you own a home, you want to make use of every inch of space you have. This is equally and even more important for those renting a tiny apartment and for students living in a dorm; your main priority should be to maximize whatever space you have left, may it be big or little.

To decorate and give function to every space you have without over decorating it, you have to think outside the box and take your creativity up a notch. There are clever ways you could utilize these extra spaces into good use and not just let it put into waste.

Put A Bookshelf In A Corner Space

Are you bookworm? If yes, you may have found yourself stressed on where to store all your books and before you even know it, you have stacked a collection of books. Do you have a tricky corner around your house? Surely, you do. Make use of it and no longer worry where you could store your collection and install a bookshelf in the corner wall space. Even if you only have a very tiny corner space, it would still be useful since the bookshelf will be consuming the entire corner wall.

A Bookcase Just Over Your Bed

Another book storage idea is to install it over your bed. If you have a small room and have no space left for your own books, you might want to consider building up a shelf up above. It could just be a simple single horizontal shelf or you could go overboard and build more than just one. Might as well use the whole available wall space, right?

Creative Area for Kids Beneath The Window

You might see this as another bookcase area. However, it could also double as a console area for your kids; put their coloring materials in the bookcase and have them do their arts there. At the same time, they can take time to appreciate the scenery right outside. Don't keep them locked in their rooms, your kids need to breathe fresh air as well and keep their eyes away from their tablets. In terms of the bookcase idea, you could use it as an alternative storage for your kids' toys.

Hang A Painting In A Boring Wall

If you can't take the time to DIY a bookshelf or console area, you could always take the easy way by adding artworks on your dead wall. This is especially perfect for those artists.. Let your skill and talent be known and put it on display -- hang it on your wall and let it be a statement piece. This is an ultimate head-turner and will instantly direct the guest's attention to it. It is also a simple way to bring meaning and enhance the mood of your living space.

A Stylish Home Office

If you have yet another dead corner but quite spacey to use as a small desk space, then go ahead and convert it into a small workspace. This is especially nice for those work-at-home individuals. Install a small horizontal table or drawer, if you would. However you want it to look will do, but remember to still make use of the wall space you have. You could hang a cork board, whiteboard, inspiration board, wall arts and etc., to maximize the space. Since you'll be converting it to a small office, think of something that will be useful to your tiny office.

Add Stand-alone Lamps

A stylish stand-alone lamp can be of a great statement piece even when placed in a dead space. Not only that but it also a great source of extra lighting that could definitely enhance the general mood of the room. If you don't want a lamp, try something else such as a coat hanger/stand. Be creative, if you could repurpose a coat hanger and say, use it as a bag holder, go ahead.

Chie Suarez is a writer/blogger for Wincrest Homes, a company that builds modern family homes in Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Regions. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.