How Do Pregnancy Massage Benefits Expectant Mothers?

Massages have many benefits and can help you relieve many aches, pains and other health conditions. Massages have played a significant role in health and wellness sector since centuries and their importance is being appreciated more and more with passing time. There are special massage techniques for pregnant women which help them relieve mental and physical stress.

With pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many physical changes. During this time there are various discomforts felt, and pregnancy massages are excellent way of treating them. Here I have explained what pregnancy massages are and how they benefit the expectant mothers.

What is a pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy is about bringing new life in the world and it is natural that the woman's body goes through many changes during this time. However, not all changes are pleasant as there are times when aches and cramps felt in the body. The mood is also stressed as the expectant mother has to mentally prepare for the upcoming changes in lifestyle to welcome the new arrival in the family. Thus a pregnancy massage is especially designed to help the moms-to-be to relax both physically and mentally. The technique of massage used here is gentle stroking of the muscles by applying special essential oils to bring wellness and relieve the body and mind from stress, anxiety and pain.

The benefits of pregnancy massage:

Helps release endorphins:

Endorphins are a natural pain relievers formed in the body and they are released when the body is massaged. So if you are suffering from cramps in legs, back pain or neck pain then a pregnancy massage is sure to make you feel better. There is no pint in suffering the pain, because it is very important to feel good from inside when you are pregnant.

Promotes blood circulation:

When the surface of the skin is gently stroked, the nervous system gets activated and in turn the blood circulation gets enhanced. Proper blood circulation in the body is important to maintain good physical and mental health.

Helps baby feel good:

Every individual enjoys a gentle massage. So when the expectant mother receives and enjoys a gentle, soothing massage, her baby is sure to feel the calmness passed through the massage delivered on the mother. Both the mother and the child feel relaxed through the gentle strokes of the massage.

Removes water retention:

Water retention is the main reason for the swelling seen on the hands and feet of the pregnant women. Massage will improve the blood circulation and also remove water retention in the body. The swelling in the hands and feet will gradually reduce through the massage.

Cures pregnancy related insomnia:

Many times due to pregnancy women find it hard to get proper sleep and this further develops into total sleeplessness. Massage is an excellent way to calm the mind and this will definitely help the woman to sleep well.

Makes the body more flexible:

Regular pregnancy massages will also help the muscles to prepare for the childbirth. They bring flexibility in the joints and so the childbirth process becomes more manageable and stress free for the mother.

Pregnancy massage is a special type of massage and so it is advisable that it should be taken from a trained and experienced massage therapist only. You can enjoy the benefits of this type of massage at home, but your husband must take some knowledge about the strokes, areas and pressure before delivering it on you. You deserve to be pampered especially when you are expecting a baby, so look out for a reputed spa salon nearby to book your appointment today!